Let's Get To Know Each Other.

As I planned my wedding last year and was trying to narrow down a venue, florist, caterer etc, I realized there were really only two questions I cared about: would I enjoy the person/team being at my wedding, and did I trust their work. Having now been a bride, I keep thinking about how much easier planning would have been if I had just been able to know all of my vendors. If you're planning a wedding, and wondering how it would feel to have me photograph one of the most important days of your life, this post is for you. 

1. I love weddings, and I believe in weddings. I don't think there is anything more beautiful than two individuals standing in front of their chosen witnesses to say "I promise to be one with you until I die, no matter how hard it gets." I might cry at your first look, I will definitely cry when you walk down the aisle, but I will not miss a single detail of your day, because frankly, I don't want to. 

2. I'm the girl at the party who gravitates towards the sides of the room to entertain the kids and pet the dogs, but is still always observing. Same goes for "wedding Jill". I'm discreet, but always present and ready to answer your "do I have anything in my teeth?!" and "what side of the aisle am I supposed to be on?!" questions. (Those happen a lot.) You probably won't even notice me around you unless you're looking for me. 

3. I'm flexible. There's not much that can throw me through a loop. It just started raining? That's ok, rain makes for beautifully romantic photos. You spilled celebratory champagne on your dress right before portraits? You didn't buy that BHLDN sweater for nothing! You're behind schedule? Trust me- every wedding is behind schedule, we've got this! I believe calm weddings are happy weddings, and I bring all the back up gear and extra accessories I need to do my job in a pinch. I've even been known to share granola bars with "hangry" bridesmaids. 

4. I'm a Maine girl through and through. Your rocky coast, grey skied, pine tree-filled weddings inspire me to no end. I will walk through the woods, ride on a boat, trudge through the snow, or scale rocks to get the photographs that capture the story of your day.  (I do book a limited number of out-of-state weddings if the fit is right!) 

5. I feel invested in my couples. Being asked to document a day that is so dear to a couple is an honor. I don't photograph weddings because I have to, I photograph weddings because I believe in the institution of marriage and each unique couple that enters into it. I love photographing weddings. I think you'll like having me along for the adventure. 

That's me up there in the photo! A million thanks over to my wedding photography duo of Sally Odonnell Photography for teaching me just how valuable a supportive, calm, invested, and focused wedding photographer is on the receiving end.