A Quick Guide For A Happy Photoshoot! 


I know having your photo taken and allowing someone into your house can feel stressful, but to that I say- take a deep breath and know a few simple steps are all you need to make this experience downright enjoyable.



- Mama, choose the outfit you feel most comfortable and beautiful in and dress your family afterwards. Avoid matchy-matchy. Keep everyone's feet bare as it lends a more relaxed vibe. Texture and drape to clothing photograph beautifully, but above all, be YOU. 

- We will likely stick to two or three of the best lit rooms in your house. Throwing excess clutter in a closet can brighten up a room in seconds! Don't overthink prepping your house, I might move a stack of books, or a piece of furniture once I'm there. Fresh flowers are always a lovely touch if you want a little something extra.

- Don't forget the bedspread! This will be the backdrop for a good chunk of the session, so stick to a neutral or something that compliments your outfits. (And don't worry about making it perfectly, I will rumple it up a bit!)

- At every session, there is usually a "less enthusiastic" partner. Have your partner read through the material too so he/she can see this won't be painful, staged, or awkward! These sessions are incredibly easy-going, and all I ask is for both partners to come ready to love on the children, or each other. You won't be modeling, you'll just be parenting, and I already know you're great at that. 

Day Of: 

- If parents are stressed, kids are stressed! Set the mood with a great breakfast, fun music, or whatever brings you closer together as a family. This is going to be a fun day! 

-I believe the most important step to capturing a family's real personality is making an honest connection with the children. When I arrive, before I even take my camera out, I will take a few minutes to get on the children's level (quite literally), as if I'm a friend coming over to play. Not only does this put them at ease, it helps me understand their personality and know what to capture. I may ask for a quick house tour to scope out the light, and then the fun begins! 

-I generally begin with the full family photograph as the beginning of the shoot is when the kids tend to be most cooperative and focused. The session will naturally flow from there. I'll let members of the family know exactly where I need them, and what to do. 

*Having been a nanny or babysitter for the majority of my life, I want you to know no tantrum, shyness, crying, or antics will throw me off. Instead of trying to "fix" things with a bribe or punishment, I urge you to let me take the reins. I might move the focus on a different child or just the parents for a bit, and that's every bit as valuable as whatever else we were trying to accomplish before the meltdown.*

- Shoots usually run between 1 and 1.5 hours. If there are more than two children, we might go a bit longer. 


After The Shoot: 

Within four weeks of the shoot, I present you with a preview of your lovingly edited, curated gallery of 50-75 images. Once you see your photos, you then decide which collection to purchase. All purchases must be made within 30 days of the collection delivery.  I can't wait to show you the beautiful images we'll make together!