Wedding Questionnaire

Wedding Date *
Wedding Date
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Bride's Name
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Groom's Name
Please refer to agreed amount of coverage time when choosing an arrival time.
This is someone who is with bride all day and ideally is familiar with most family and wedding party members. In short-this is my go-to friend for questions I don't want to bother the bride with! Please provide their NAME and CELL NUMBER.
Ceremony Time *
Ceremony Time
Arrival Times at the Ceremony *
Arrival Times at the Ceremony
Will the bride and groom walk away together, or stay and mingle with guests? Will there be a receiving line and if so, where?
I've found that the best portraits happen when you have some quiet, uninterrupted, alone time in a beautiful spot and are photographed simply enjoying your first moments of marriage. I will scout for locations, but are there any spots in particular you have in mind, and please note if they require extra travel!
Person responsible for gathering family members | Location | List of all the specific combinations you would like. ( I recommend no more than 10 specific combinations for time's sake.)
Person responsible for gathering the wedding party | Location
Reception Start Time *
Reception Start Time
Ceremony Venue, Reception Venue, Band or DJ, Florist, Bride's Dress, Groom's Suit, Wedding Party Apparel, Wedding Planner, Videographer, Etc...