Photo: Jamie Mercurio Photography

Photo: Jamie Mercurio Photography

Jill Frasier Hoyle - a New England based wedding and family photographer, living on the coast of Maine with her husband and three dogs.

Jill Frasier Hoyle

Born with a deep seated love of story-telling and more than just a touch of sentimentality, I became attracted to the power of making photographs as soon as I watched my father create his own. My life-long passion of photography carried me to my first professional wedding in the summer of 2012, and I've been documenting love stories, families, and local businesses ever since. 

I hold a BA in Art and English, and have photographed dozens of weddings from Maine, to Michigan, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Florida and beyond. I'm admittedly partial to the pace and aesthetic of Maine weddings, but I'm happy to travel if the fit is right. I am drawn towards photographing scenes with heart and authenticity to them: ring bearers gone rogue, a bride's dog sitting by her side while she gets ready, an accidental champagne spill in the heat of celebrations, tiny exchanges of affection between a couple. Few people enjoy having their picture taken, but I think you'll be surprised to find how easy it is when you are comfortable with the photographer, and free to be just as you are. (Read my review page to hear clients' perspectives!) 

Your wedding is going to be stunning. The love you share with your other half is completely yours. Your family is perfectly unique, beautiful and sometimes even wild. I know the best photos are made between people who understand one another, and I want to know you and your story. Let's talk.